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The Texas Research Institute is a non-profit organization that provides reliable, fact-based information about state and federal public policy.


Welcome #TribuneFest Visitors!

We are proud sponsors of this year's Texas Tribune Festival. Below is more information about two of the panels we are sponsoring - one on the Affordable Care Act, and the other on women's health.

11:10am Panel - "Texas vs. Obamacare"

Twenty-four chambers of commerce, dozens of health care associations and organizations, and county judges in each of Texas' six largest counties support closing the gap. Once Medicaid is expanded in Texas, one million people currently caught in the "coverage gap" - those who get paid too little to qualify for subsidies but cannot qualify for Medicaid - will have insurance. Local taxpayers could save up to $4.3 billion a year in reduce uncompensated care costs with expanded Medicaid. But first, Texas needs to have an honest conversation about health care.

3:05pm panel: “The Women’s Health Debate”

Last session, the Texas legislature passed one of the most restrictive anti-abortion laws in the country, House Bill 2. According to a June 2013 bipartisan poll, an overwhelming majority—74%—of Texas voters believe personal, private medical decisions about whether to have an abortion should be made by a woman, her family, and doctor, not by politicians. HB2 was designed, not to protect the health and safety of Texas women, but to close abortion clinics, and if the final provision goes into effect, only five Texas cities will have abortion facilities.


About Our Work


Research and Analysis

We offer reliable briefings on some of the most pressing policy issues in Texas. TRI also curates the Texas Polling Center, a centralized and searchable database of polls, where users can track public opinion on various issues and elected officials.

Training and Best Practices

Our training workshops offer help with message development, identifying key audiences, and creating a news hook to help generate earned media coverage. We work with all levels - from novices to seasoned leaders. And using tracking tools, we can measure which stories and messages are performing best in print, broadcast and social media.

Issue Coalitions

TRI works with a number of coalitions promoting important progressive issues. We often direct communications for coalitions, providing written materials such as releases, background materials, and talking points. We can also build and manage an online and social media presence.

Partners in Progress

When organizations don’t have the staff capacity to do all of the media outreach they need, TRI can help. We offer support for issues through media relations, writing op-eds, distributing stories, generating clip reports, conducting research and through general strategic media counsel.

Our programs for 2013-14 will continue our ongoing research services, as well as offering counsel to table partners on effective strategies for working with social media and the press. The Texas Research Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.